Video: Tips for Phone Banking

Join us every Monday from 6-8PM until the November 2020 election to phone bank for Congressional candidate Chris Bubser! We hope we’ll see some of you there on the call. A fun group from INYO350 is there every week. Sign up here!

At 6PM, Chris’s team starts off with a mini training before they get you going on their user-friendly calling software. You can stay on the Zoom call but remove yourself from its audio, so you can do your calls and still share camaraderie.

Want tips on how to connect authentically with the folks who pick up your call, or on how to respond when you receive a question you don’t know the answer to? We made a video for you!

All of us at INYO350 were pleasantly surprised by how fun and easy the phone banking was. And it can make all the difference in a close race, which this one is likely to be. Set aside some time each week to phone bank with us, and you will absolutely make a positive difference for Chris’s campaign.

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