September 17, 2020

Check out these organizations, then say “yes” and join in! Most sites will have a Volunteer section or a Donate button.

Organizations Fighting Voter Suppression

Let America Vote One of the leading organizations fighting nationally for voters’ rights. 

Spread the Vote Helping voters who need an ID to be all prepared to vote. 

Rock the Vote Working to build the political power of young people.

Poor People’s Campaign Fighting for our democracy, ending systemic racism and poverty, and turning around voter suppression laws.

Women’s March Action Among many other things, they are working to re-register voters who have been purged from voter rolls.

Reclaim Our Vote Campaign Working in voter suppression states to ensure people are registered, and if they have been purged, to get them re-registered.

Organizations Working to Flip the Senate and Get Out the Blue Wave Vote

Environmental Voter Project 1.5 million people identify themselves as environmentalists, but fewer than 1/3 of these people are voting regularly. EVP is an organization that is reaching out to self-identified environmentalists and working to make sure they vote consistently. They currently have both texting and phone bank opportunities.

Flip the West Currently, Flip the West is focusing on the Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Kansas and Montanta Senate races. They have opportunities for remote post carding, some texting and lots of phone banking! 

Mission for Arizona This organization is focusing on turning AZ from Red to Blue. It currently is working on voter registration, early voting, and the Mark Kelly for Senate race. They have out-of-state texting and phone banking opportunities.

Move On Working to mobilize and get out the vote in key battleground states. 

Vote Forward Sending pre-formatted letters to blue wave voters.

Postcards to Voters This organization provides the opportunity to send postcards for various blue wave campaigns throughout the country. It’s really fun on election night to see how the various candidates you “postcarded” for did! Not for messy writers – they check out a sample of your handwriting before they approve you!

SwingLeft  Similar to Flip the West, SwingLeft works to flip red seats to blue. They are working both on the Presidential election and various Senate races, including OH, AZ, CO, MI, ME, NC, IA, FL, GA and TX. They currently have letter writing and phone banking and even virtual fundraisers!

Specific Candidate Campaigns

Colorado Senate Candidate John Hickenlooper This organization is working on voting in Dems up and down the Colorado ballot.

Kentucky Senate Candidate Amy McGrath The candidate that has to win to Ditch Mitch! This organization supports other Dems up and down the ballot in Kentucky as well. Opportunities to text bank and phone bank for Amy.

Chris Bubser for Congress Many opportunities to phone bank for Chris right here in our own 8th District. You can also host a virtual “coffee” with Chris and introduce her to your friends and neighbors. INYO350 has endorsed Chris for Congress, and a number of us are phone banking for her every Monday evening. Join in the fun! It would be so great to turn our district blue!

Katie Porter for Congress This super-star freshman Congresswoman can use our help with phone banking. She is so good and so effective that conservatives everywhere are trying to unseat her.  

Biden-Harris Campaign Volunteer to text bank or phone bank for this most consequential campaign.


All of these organizations and campaigns are accepting donations in any amount. Think about how much you have to donate in total and then divide it up amongst those you want to support. If you donate to an organization like Flip the West, they will target your donation toward the campaigns they see that most need the help. Or you can donate to a specific candidate’s campaign. Each organization’s website will help you know where they are concentrating their efforts.

Seriously contested Senate seats that many think stand a fighting chance of being flipped include Maine (Sara Gideon), North Carolina (Cal Cunningham), Iowa (Theresa Greenfield), Georgia (Jon Ossof), Georgia (Raphael Warnock), Colorado (John Hickenlooper), Arizona (Mark Kelly). Flipping the solidly red states of Montana (Steve Bullock) and Kentucky (Amy McGrath) is more of a long shot, but with hard work, money and a little luck, maybe we can even Ditch Mitch!