What Can I Recycle?

The information below is also in our Recycling Grid and Recycling Brochures. For handy guides you can print out, go to our page Recycling Info You Can Print and Save.

Bishop-Sunland Landfill The landfill will take but can’t pay for the following products: CRV cans and bottles; non-CRV products such as plastics # 1 and #2; newspapers; mixed paper, which includes magazines, catalogs, slick colored advertisements, junk mail, corrugated cardboard, and egg cartons; paperback and hardback books; electronic waste (electronics with cords attached); green waste, which includes limbs, grass clippings and Christmas trees; mattresses; carpet and pads; batteries; used motor oil and filters; any non-magnetic metal; fluorescent light tubes; incandescent bulbs; tires; all colored or clear glass (not broken).

Bishop Waste – Curbside Recycling Your “blue can” curbside recycling can take the following products: CRV and non-CRV bottles, cans and plastic containers (#1 and #2 only); paper (including color and magazines/catalogs), cardboard, newspapers, and junk mail; colored glass (not broken), beverage bottles, and jars (no other glass); brown paper bags; paperboard such as shoe boxes, packaging and cereal boxes (remove plastic inner lining); milk cartons and juice boxes (rinsed out); phone books; steel and tin cans.

Big Pine, Keeler, Olancha, and Homewood Canyon Transfer Stations; Independence and Lone Pine Landfills All of these County of Inyo stations take similar materials (but do not pay for any CRV products): CRV and other glass, plastic or aluminum beverage containers, #1 and #2 plastic, and e-waste. Search the County of Inyo website for materials accepted and dates and hours of operation.

Manor Market will take only CRV glass bottles, plastic containers, and aluminum cans, which they pay for by weight. They will not take newspaper, catalogs or anything else—only California Redemption Value (CRV) products as defined above.

Brown’s pays only for aluminum cans (by weight) and some scrap metal. Call them at (760) 872-6911 before bringing any scrap metal.

 Owens Valley Scrap Metal will pay for all kinds of scrap metal, including copper, brass, aluminum, and more. Call for further information at (760) 920-3487.

North 40 Recycling at Fort Independence is currently closed for public recycling.

Go to the County of Inyo website for an additional listing of accepted materials.  Hazardous household waste on special collection days only,