Rooftop Solar Brochure

John Louth, Em Holland and the Environmental Action group have created a brochure to encourage and inform local residents about making the switch to solar-generated electricity. We’ll have this brochure available at the INYO350 table at Earth Day and other events. For a better view, or if you would like to download the brochure as a PDF, click the link at the bottom of this post .

Rooftop Solar both pages

Rooftop Solar page 2

Rooftop Solar PDF




Films & Speakers for Earth Day 2018

Friday, April 20 Cerro Coso College in Bishop, 7 pm

Dr. Ben Hatchett presents “Landscapes of the Eastern Sierra as Climatic Time Machines.”

Saturday, April 21 Inyo Council for the Arts, 7 pm

  • Climate Change 101National Geographic with Bill Nye (4:09)
  • Why People Don’t Believe in Climate ChangeIt’s Okay to be Smart with Joe Hanson (7:33)
  • Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution (71:00) Filmmaker Jamie Redford (son of Robert) explores the amazingly fast growth of clean energy, with a special look at California and Nevada.

Sunday, April 22 Owens Valley Paiute-Shoshone Cultural Center, 10am

10:00-11:00 Climate Change Films (45 minutes total)

  1. Climate Science: What You Need to KnowIt’s Okay to be Smart with Joe Hanson (6:19)
  2. Climate Change 101National Geographic Bill Nye the Science Guy (4:09)
  3. Causes and Effects of Climate ChangeNational Geographic Climate 101 (3:04)
  4. What’s Really Warming the Earth?It’s Okay to be Smart with Joe Hanson (6:03)
  5. Why Humans are So Bad at Thinking About Climate Change” Vox & Univeristy of California with M. Sanjayan (9:44)
  6. Going Green Shouldn’t be This Hard” Vox & Univeristy of California with M. Sanjayan & Lauren Singer (8:58)
  7. Your Climate Change ConscienceIt’s Okay to be Smart with Joe Hanson & Al Gore (5:52)

11:00-12:15 The Use of Land and the Food We Eat—Think Globally, Act Locally

Time to Choose, part 3: “Land and Food” (30:00) This section of the film looks at the global effects of industrial food production

Presentation on the Tribal Food Sovereignty Program: Jen Schlaich, Tony Brown & Gaylene Kinzy (30 minutes)

Presentation on the Bishop Community Garden: Sue Weiss (15 minutes)

12:30-1:15 An Introduction to Solar Energy from Industrial to Rooftop

Introduction by Tribal Staff

Saving Payahüüpü:  The Owens Valley Solar Story”   (14:42)

Tribal Solar Projects on the Picuris Pueblo in New Mexico”  by Grid Alternatives  (2:37)

Discussion about the options and opportunities for Rooftop Solar

1:15 – 2:30 Happening:  A Clean Energy Revolution (71:00)

Filmmaker Jamie Redford (son of Robert) explores the amazingly fast growth of clean energy, with a special look at California and Nevada.



Eastern Sierra Women’s March

womens march 2018The second annual  Eastern Sierra Women’s March will be held Saturday, January 20th, 9 AM at the Bishop City Park.  Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.  2018 is a critical year to make our voices heard through the voting process to protect women’s rights, to demand climate action and affordable health care, and to celebrate all that we can achieve together.  If there ever was a time for women to gather and fight for change, that time is now.  The march is for men too!  After the march on Main Street, there will a rally in the park with speakers and booths.