Learn why redistricting matters!

August 4 @ 6:30 PM on Zoom

Did you miss this presentation? Click here to watch a recording.

Chris Bubser, 2020 Democratic Candidate for our Congressional District 8, who was narrowly bested by Jay Obernolte last November, will lead a Zoom discussion on August 4 explaining ongoing redistricting efforts affecting the Sierra Nevada region. She and her ally and colleague Joyce Kaufman will discuss and answer questions about current redistricting efforts driven by the 2020 Census. 

The state is required to use the 2020 Census data to draw important district boundaries for the California State Assembly and the US House of Representatives. The 2021 California Redistricting Commission is giving the public a critical opportunity for input right now. They need to hear from as many people as possible on important issues affecting the representation of Inyo and Mono counties. 

This is not a partisan issue. All residents of the Sierra Nevada Region have a big stake in this process. We will all benefit by being in a district with other counties that are more like us in location, natural resources, and economics. 

Currently Inyo and Mono County are grouped with large population centers in San Bernardino County that don’t have much in common with us in terms of economic drivers, such as agriculture, tourism, and remoteness. And some possible redistricting options might even be worse than what we have now! We have an opportunity to create a new district that amplifies our area’s impact by putting us with similar communities in the Sierra Nevada. Chris and Joyce will describe one such Central Sierra Nevada” possibility. 

This redistricting effort also has great potential to affect funding, regulations, and representation of issues affecting residents and businesses in our region. At a minimum, this will impact us and other Sierra Nevada communities for a decade, until the next Census in 2030. 

Here is the Zoom link for the meeting.

For more complete information on how to get involved please click on this California Redistricting fact sheet which contains

●    A map of a new proposed Central Sierra Assembly District.
●    How and when to give verbal input.
●    How to, and a link for, providing written comments.
●    An example of written comments

Chris Bubser is an engineer, healthcare advocate, organizer, and conservationist who ran for Congress in California’s 8th District in 2020. Chris has dedicated her career to community-building to meet tough challenges including healthcare access and climate change. She’s studied the redistricting opportunity and will help us all understand what’s at stake and what we can do to help our region.

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