Dr. Peggy Lobnitz: TU January 18

Click here to view video of this past presentation and also see this list of resources on fire and smoke updates

photo courtesy Krystal Kissinger

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Hazardous Air!
Wildfires, Smoke, Toxic Air – Protect Yourself!
Online Presentation – January 18, 6:30 pm

In the Eastern Sierra and across the western United States, each year seems to bring more days of smoke-filled skies. That air does more than ruin your pictures of an otherwise beautiful view; it can damage your health. 
Doctor Margaret “Peggy” Lobnitz is a founding member of Elders Climate Action and an accomplished expert in air toxicity. She will share what she has learned in her decades of experience about protecting yourself and your family from the adverse health effects of wildfires. Her presentation will focus on the impacts from last year’s wildfire season on Eastern Sierra residents and how best to cope during upcoming fire seasons. She will also talk about some of the root causes of the increasing frequency of wildfires and poor air quality events. 

Join your friends at INYO350 online for this locally relevant and insightful presentation on Tuesday, January 18th at 6:30 pm. Click here to register for this Zoom event.

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