Caring for the Earth & Each Other

Though we are postponing our Earth Day activities and plans, Inyo350 members are connecting to share ways to stay active and to support our community, ourselves and each other. Here are just a few ideas.

  • EVERY day is Earth Day. Take moments each day to go outside, to move your body, to refresh your mind, and to nourish your soul. Give gratitude to the Earth. It has always taken care of us–our job now is to return the favor. Dig a garden, plant a tree, enjoy watching the birds and bees.
  • We can support our local businesses while remaining safe for each other. Local merchants have really stepped up, offering delivery and pick up service to the community. We can purchase gift cards by phone to use now or when we can go out–or just purchase them as a donation to support businesses you would normally frequent, but cannot now.
  • Support local organizations like the Salvation ArmyIMACA and local churches that are busier than ever serving our most vulnerable families.
  • This is the perfect time to establish those good daily habits and routines that we often have trouble establishing: exercise, meditation, musical instruments, etc.
  • Now it’s more important than ever to stay in touch with friends and family through FaceTime, Zoom or Skype–or the old-fashioned way, with cards you create yourself!
  • Make a joyful noise! Sing, dance, play music. Don’t know how? You’ve got plenty of free time to learn!
  • Caring for self. Click here for “Nutrition: Mind Body Spirit” from local nutritionist Jan Goldberg, which has great pointers for taking care of yourself in these difficult times.
  • Create works of art! Sketch, journal, create poems, paint, sculpt. With this, consider how you might want to honor species in Bishop’s first Procession of the Species (POS). This link will tell you more about the original POS, which started on Earth Day in Olympia, Washington, 25 years ago. As you probably know by now, our local Earth Day celebration is (hopefully!) going to be June 20 this year. Stay tuned!
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