Inyo 350’s Social and Economic Justice Group is devoted to the inherent worth of
all the residents of our community. We have a great mix of residents from Bishop
and the surrounding area who are all working together to make a difference in the community.

Inyo 350 Social and Economic Justice welcomes all individuals who want to become
more involved in their community. We aim to provide encouragement and
resources for individual and group action. Together we are strong.

The Social and Economic Group has accomplished so much already, and they are continuously working on the issues that arise locally and nationally. Here are a few of the accomplishments:

  • The concerns and needs of our Hispanic community has been a major focus in the infancy of our group. An immediate concern was immigration raids, and we created a support system to aid families in the event of such a crisis. We are working on providing financial and scholastic support for residents applying for DACA and citizenship status, while our “Say Something” project provided a forum for local people to share their stories of hardship and encouragement as we move through these uncertain times toward comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship.
  • We encouraged the Bishop Unified School Board to reassure parents and students that our schools would continue to be safe havens for children on campus. As a result of our stated concerns at school board meetings–as well as input from he school community and staff–letters from the district were sent home to parents explaining that it is district policy to keep all children safe.
  • Our members worked directly with the Bishop City Council to craft a proclamation of values that reaffirms the city’s belief that all its residents are a part of the tapestry of Bishop, and that diversity makes us a stronger community.  The Council recently voted unanimously to adopt this statement and to work together with our schools and business community to insure that Bishop is a welcoming place for all. We are continuing to bring the message of the Council’s proclamation to all corners of our community.
  • The Summer Kickoff, held at the Bishop City Park in June, is a celebration of cultures in our community. There is dancing  (the Payahuunadu ribbon dancers, the Mananitas dance group, the Hula Halau O Koru dancers and the Gigi Dejong jazz dance workshop), fun and games (the frozen T-shirt contest was a crowd favorite!), art projects for the kids and food from many cultures. It is such a joy to see the diversity of our community on proud display.
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