Environmental Protection

The Environmental Action Group has about 30 active members split into two focus groups—Local Sustainability & Public Lands and Wildlife.

Local Sustainability is working on issues of local recycling, solar energy, transportation, food production (in partnership with the Bishop Paiute Tribe’s Food Sovereignty Program) and water rights.

Public Lands and Wildlife has had its hands full with the attack on our public lands and environment by the current President. Issues like the Executive Order to review national monuments, public land agency budget cuts, and the administration’s attempts at de-regulation of so many environmental protection measures.  This group is attempting to track issues, proposals, and bills that are being taken up by Congress and/or the Executive Branch.  They are exploring how they can best help in the protection of our magnificent local public lands.

The Environmental Group sponsored the Earth Day celebration and March for the Earth in April 2017 that was attended by about 400 people.

Currently there is another ad hoc group focused on climate change awareness and education. This group is hoping to sponsor a local film festival that will involve local schools.

New people are joining our Action Group all the time, and we welcome anyone who is interested in joining in on our efforts to participate.