Please Shop Local!

It’s hard to believe it’s December already. Even in this craziest of years, the months seem to fly by. And this year, more than ever, it’s important that our holiday gift giving honor not only our friends and family, but also our local merchants, who have been here for the community in these hard times. Money spent in Bishop is a great investment for all of us, and while we may not have any big box stores, we have plenty of merchants, restauranteurs and artists who offer goods and services that are uniquely Eastern Sierra. Last year, Kristina Blum Justice shared some local shopping ideas with us. This year we’ve added links to that post, “I’m Dreaming of a Local Christmas,” to encourage you to reach out and support your neighbors. And shopping local is only one of many great ideas—from gift giving to decorating—you can find in this green Christmas guide from 

Kristina’s suggestions, great though they are, can of course only scratch the surface. It’s impossible for us to list all the local businesses you might support. We urge you to share ideas with each other, but we’ve listed just a few more possibilities below.

No list of iconic businesses on the Eastside could leave out Dwayne’s Friendly Pharmacy

or Eastside Sports. For years, these have been the go-to places for locals browsing for Christmas gifts. And two new stalwarts to add to this list are Owens Valley Distilling and C5 Studios—both of these celebrate the spirit of the Eastern Sierra!

Inyo Council for the Arts is a treasure. ICA does so much to bring art and music to folks of all ages, from art docents in the schools to Millpond Music Festival. Our community is blessed to have more than its share of gifted, creative individuals, and you can find a partial list on this artist directory at the ICA website. And one of the most exciting creative endeavors of this year has to be Kendra Atleeworks’ book, Miracle Country, a memoir of growing up in the Owens Valley. Highly recommended reading, and Spellbinder has plenty of copies! Miracle Country would make a great gift for friends and family from afar who love your hometown, and another great place to find gifts for them is at the ESIA online store (Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association), where you’ll find books, maps, apparel and more. And, of course, nothing says Bishop like US 395, and their store is a great place to look for stocking stuffers.

INYO350 is so grateful to be part of the Eastside community, and we look forward to again meeting face-to-face in the coming year to make this an even more awesome place to live!

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