The November elections are more important than ever! COVID-19 has exposed many cracks in the system and this fall brings an opportunity to create change and build a future that we all want to be a part of.

Stay at Home orders may keep us from knocking on doors or organizing events, but there are still many opportunities to make a difference and get Democrats in the Senate and the White House.

We’ll keep updating this page with opportunities.

Flip the West: Currently Flip the West is focusing on AZ ,CO and MT Senate Races! They have opportunities for remote post carding, texting and phone banking!

Mission AZ: This Organization is focusing on turning AZ from Red to Blue. It currently is working on Voter Registration and Early Voting. As we get closer to the election they will have opportunities to work on the Senate Race. Currently they have out of state texting, and phone banking opportunities.

Environmental Voter Project: Current data indicates the 1.5 million people identify themselves as Environmentalist. Sadly not even 1/3 of these people are voting regularly. EVP is an organization that is reaching out to self-identified environmentalist and working to make sure they vote consistently. They currently have both texting and phone bank opportunities.

Postcards to Voters: They give you the opportunity to send postcards for various campaigns throughout the country. Its really fun on election night to see how the various candidates you “postcarded” for did!

SwingLeft:  Similar to Flip the West, SwingLeft works to flip red seats to blue! They are working both on the Presidential election and various Senate races, including OH, AZ, CO, MI, ME, NC, IA, FL, GA and TX!  They currently have letter writing and phone banking. They also have virtual fundraisers.

Christy Smith for Congress:  This is the nearby District 25 and includes Palmdale and Lancaster. It was a “flip” in 2018 won by Katie Hill. Since she stepped down a special election is being held. It previously was a “lean Democrat” and  has been moved to a “toss up”. It will be hard to hold the seat and thus a great place to volunteer ie text, phone bank, postcard.

CO Senate Candidate: The CO Primary election is not until June but once they determine who the Democratic candidate will be you can volunteer to help flip this state by signing up with the CO Dems!

Link to Colorado Dems