Safer Sunscreens and More

The snowiest February in history is coming to a close, so it may seem an odd time to talk about sunscreen, but in the sunny Eastern Sierra we don’t wait for summer to slather it on! It turns out that the ingredients in the sunscreen products many of us are using on a daily basis pose risks for us and other creatures. Fortunately, there are organizations like the Environmental Working Group to help us make decisions that are healthy for both us and the environment. “EWG’s 2018 Guide to Sunscreens” is just one of many consumer guides you can peruse and download at their website.

Toilet paper is in the news this week, too! Go to the Natural Resources Defense Council’s blog post of February 20 to read about “The Issue with Tissue.” I was shocked to learn that much of the pulp for our toilet paper comes from centuries-old trees in the boreal forests of Canada. You can read the blog post, but it pays to scroll down a bit and click on the link to the actual report, which has a much more detailed scorecard of the available brands (it’s on page six of the PDF). For instance, in an abbreviated report card I saw online, Trader Joe’s gets an “A” grade, but it turns out that’s only for the basic TJ TP. Their “super soft” TP gets a barely-passing “D.” As a bonus, the original report has report cards for facial tissue and paper towels as well.

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