Low-Income gear library in Pauahuunadü (Owens Valley) and local bolt removal project

Jolie Varela and other members of the community are working to remove climbing bolts from the local Piaute monument Winnedumah in recognition of its cultural significance. The process is underway, but in need of support. Please give your assistance in the protection of this sacred place by sending letters expressing support to the address below.

jolie@indigenouswomenhike.com or to IWH  527 N.  Third St.  Unit B, Bishop CA 93514

Also, check out the awesome work being done to support outdoor activities for all; bellow is a message from Jolie and the Indigenous Woman’s Hike about the wonderful gear library they are sponsoring here in Bishop.

“We are currently in the process of creating an outdoor gear library to provide equipment and education to all low-income families and individuals throughout Payahuunadü. We will also provide access to organizations traveling to Payahuunadü to recreate on our homelands. We are currently raising funds primarily through donations from our supporters. Please consider contributing to help us fulfill our vision to make outdoor recreation accessible to all!”

Please help them by donating funds or gear to the same address as above, any questions can also be sent to Jolie at the aforementioned email address.

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