Woman’s March

We have had people asking lately about a 2019 Women’s March. The short answer is that Bishop won’t have a Women’s March this year. The last two marches were not INYO350 events. They were planned by a number of people—a few of us just happened to be among that group. When it came time to plan the 2019 march, there just didn’t seem to be the same interest, and the ball never got rolling. While Bishop won’t have a march this year, Women’s Marches are happening in Reno, LA and San Francisco, among other locations. We encourage folks to car pool to one of those and then bring back the sights and sounds and inspiration they find there to the Eastern Sierra! We are sorry if the absence of a Women’s March in Bishop is a disappointment. We at INYO350 are always looking for actions that will have a positive impact on our community, and the more folks we have participate in prioritizing and planning those actions, the easier that process is. With that in mind, we are planning a meeting that will be a bit more of a brainstorming session than most of our general meetings, one where we can all talk about what we would like to work on in the new year. We’re still working on the exact date and location, but we hope to finalize that soon, and we hope to see many of you there.

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