Climate Educator Helps Inyo County Students Understand Climate Change

Sharon Markenson is a retired teacher who now dedicates her time to educating people of all ages about our changing climate. Sharon and her husband, Gary Goldstein, split their time between their home in Southern California and their cabin on the South Fork of Bishop Creek. We are lucky to have her here, even part-time.

Trained in 2013 by the Climate Reality Leadership Corps to present information on climate issues, Sharon has been teaching faith, school, business and community groups on the effects of climate change and what we, as individuals and as a society, can do about it.

Sharon claims that what really got her into wanting to learn about and then act on climate change was the birth of her grandchildren. She was concerned for their futures, and for the lives of all young people. She loves presenting to students and getting them engaged, because it really is their future that she is talking about.

Sharon has been presenting in Southern California for many years now, but after she joined INYO350 last year she volunteered to offer her skills and her time to Inyo County schools.

Last month Sharon gave an engaging presentation at an INYO350 General Meeting at the White Mountain Research Center. Her presentation combined stunning visuals and captivating stories as she talked about the causes and the impacts of a warming planet, and the solutions that we can all be a part of.

During this week before Earth Day Sharon is presenting her talk to students in Lone Pine, Independence, Bishop and Round Valley Schools. As a retired teacher she has the skill to adapt her presentation to virtually any audience and to students of all ages. Teachers from Southern California who have worked with Sharon and who have seen her work with students have stated that one of the best things about Sharon’s presentation is that she emphasizes a positive attitude toward progress and hope for the future. This is something we all could use a hefty dose of at this point!


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